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                 A short BIO


 John E. Riddle was born and raised in Southern California.  Unlike many of his favorite authors—none of whom he has ever met—he does not have a wife or one and a half lovable children at home, nor does he have a dog named Buster or a cat named Fluffy. 

He received his academic education from San Diego State University, Pepperdine University, and UCLA.  He served in the military as a Naval Aviator.

He received further heuristic education by pursuing several entrepreneurial opportunities encompassing---real estate, real estate development, securities, financial strategies, banking, education, medical technologies and has probably forgotten more than a handful of other unusual opportunities.

Since the Great Real Estate Crash of 2008, John became a prolific writer.  He has completed seven new novels with a few others waiting to be introduced in the not too distant future.

He does have multiple sons who are attempting to complete college, in between skiing, surfing, partying, and chasing girls (not necessarily in that order).

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Inspired by a true story that follows Sam Barns, on an entrepreneurial venture in Southern California.  His company becomes a major success and is acquired by a Fortune 500 Company whose management team consists of brown-collar thugs rather than white-collar executives.   Instead of paying him the huge incentives he has earned, they decide a more economical approach would be to bury Sam and his family---literally.

Was it worth a seven-year legal battle against a multi-billion dollar company?  How did the final judgment turn out? It was front-page news in every major newspaper in the country.  If you don't believe it, Google it.







In October 2011, a significant event occurred that would forever affect our world as we know it.   It was the death of Steve Jobs.    As of three months ago, Jobs finished the complete reorganization of Heaven and Hell and made them into virtual worlds.  Here are the facts.  There definitely is a heaven, and if you are evil, there is absolutely a Hell.  For the record, there really is a God.  If you follow this book of fantasy and fiction to the very letter, you are guaranteed a virtual spot in heaven---or your money back. 




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I'm assuming you read book 1 of this series about HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN. 

I'm also assuming you didn't read it that close. Somehow you screwed up.  Heaven and Hell are absolute facts now that they have become completely virtual.  Steve Jobs was also the architect behind this miracle. 

If you have ended up in Hell you need to read this book closely to find out the ONLY way you can end up in a better place.

This book of fantasy and fiction is your only chance to live a truly happy afterlife.  Because of its importance, it has been designated the Number One Bestseller in Hell---and that's no lie.





Is this a typical fiction novel about

a superspy?  Hardly.  The science

is available today. So are the dangers.

Trace Hunter is an asset for the

U.S. Government.  He is the first

person to be using this new

technology.  A computer chip has

been implanted in his brain.  He

can speak any language he wants,

and his motor skills have been

enhanced to make him an expert

at almost any martial arts form. 

Is this a typical fiction novel about

a superspy?  Hardly.  The science

is available today. So are the dangers.


We first met Trace Hunter in the book DOWNLOAD. He is the first person in the world to have an advanced microchip implanted in the back of his head.  He can speak any language he chooses, and his motor skills are beyond those of the most advanced martial artists.  He is a

killing machine.  He works for a small alphabet company hidden away within the depths of the CIA.  Is this a fantasy 

technology?  Not really.  Companies like Tesla, Facebook, Google, and others are busy developing similar technologies at

this very moment. 

            Hunter is back.

DM final.jpg

The year is 2020, and COVID-19 has infected the world.  There is rioting and looting all across America.  The economy is crashing.  The FBI and CIA leadership are corrupt.  The new President needs someone he can trust.  

Meet KC Rogers, from Del Mar, CA.  Can she save the Presidency?


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Inspired by a true story that follows Sam Barns, for the next few years, after he has won his battle against Southern Industries, the Fortune 500 Company giant whose management team consisted more of brown-collar thugs than white-collar criminals.   We find out they weren't nearly as bad as the next slimy group who greets Sam and tries to separate him from his newly earned wealth. 

If you thought a Fortune 500 Company could be a worthy opponent, try adding a handful of international terrorist groups, a financial cell funding ISIS and a Muslim group attacking the security markets in America.